Langley H.O.G.® Safety Videos

Street Smarts – Volume 1 – Strategies and Tactics for the Street – 55mins.

Contains information on; Your Bike, Brakes, Steering, Intersections, Freeways, Canyon Riding, Street Tactics, Rain Riding, Crashing, Good Advice, Passengers, Visibility, Night Riding and More Advice.

This video visits the individual and the road racers to get advice on the above. Takes you on the road and the race track and is described as ‘A practical course in two-wheeled street survival’ produced by Davis West and Paul Winters. The contents provide valuable tips and tactics from these experienced riders to provide you with valuable safety techniques to help in your future riding. In a nutshell (and I quote) ‘It shows you how to use your head to keep you out of trouble’.

Street Smarts – Volume 2 – Lessons from the track – 45mins.

Contains information on; Racing, Steering, Handlebars, Brakes, Throttle, Corner Braking, Avoiding Things, Riding over Things, Rain Riding, Dirt Riding, Traction, Corners, Bumps, Tank Slappers, Night Riding, Crashing, Tactics.

Back to the race track to get the low down on how to (or not as the case may be) do things better. It covers differing opinions on how to approach differing situations such as entering a turn too fast, riding techniques for rainy weather, or using your rear brake (and how).

Street Smarts – Volume 3 – Danger Zones – 37mins.

Contains information on; Left Turn, Intersections, The Unexpected, Canyons, Left-Turn Lanes, Obstructions, Freeways (on Ramps, Positioning, Lane Splitting), Crashing, Conclusions.

From the DVD – This volume focuses on the dangers that every biker faces when he/she takes to the road. Some situations, however, are more risker than others, this DVD focuses on these situations, the ‘Danger Zones’ in which knowledge, anticipation and reflexes are the keys to survival. Covers such high risks as crossing an intersection, rounding a sharp mountain turn even lane splitting on the highway (in case you find yourself in California). Teaches you how to anticipate trouble and how best to get out of it and the best techniques to avoid it. Get tips on how to best place your bike in the lane, proper angle for rounding a sharp bend and the best way to avoid road debris.

Ride Like a Pro – 1 hour 50 minutes.

If you want to learn those slow moving skills then this is for you.

The box describes how this DVD will teach you the 3 simple techniques Motor Officers have been using for 60 years. These are the techniques that allow Motor Officers to out ride 98% of the riding public.

The DVD is shot in an enclosed parking lot where various course are laid out with cones to enable the rider to practice slow riding skills. Anyone who has been on the Roadcraft course will recognize some of these exercises with some new ones thrown in. Picture four bikes entering a circle all at the same time with the first one exiting only moments after the last rider has entered. Now try it with a figure eight and the same four riders!!!!

Riding in the Zone – 34 minutes.

This video contains three chapters – Mental Skill Development, Physical Skill Development and Continuing Education.

The DVD is split into the three chapters highlighted above and contains a lot of usefull information for safe riding skills from the perspective of the author. Contains a lot of information that could be considered as refreshing and supplemental to what the reader/viewer should already know (there is always time for a refresher to review what we should already know). It contains demonstrations of practice drills to help implement various skills.

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