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 Alcohol Policy

Alcohol shows up in dead motorcyclists more than in any other group of vehicle users. In fact 57.0 percent of motorcycles who die in single-vehicle accidents on weekends are legally intoxicated. A single drink may  be one too many for the road.

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The Safety Officer works along with the Road Captain to keep our chapter members safe out there on the road.

The links provided on this page are to inform members of programs and benefits of safe riding. Remember nothing can replace or be substituted for your own judgment, but being prepared and armed with knowledge can help.

Key Messages from MSF;

  • Get Trained and Licensed

  • Wear protective gear- all the gear, all the time

  • Ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs

  • Ride within your own skill limits

  • Be a lifelong learner by taking refresher rider courses

Riders Edge

Learn To Ride With The Harley-Davidson Academy of Motorcycling.

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Road Captain Ride Like A Pro

This is a great site to obtain books, movies to better your riding skills  We also have an article that you can read (Riding Exercises)

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