Wednesday Night Rides

Langley HOG Chapter Ride Guide

As the 2012 Riding season is underway, please come join us on Wednesday nights and for a ride after the general meeting on the last Saturday of the month.

For those of you who have a ride, please submit the ride to our Road Captain –

Road Captain’s Log

On July 25th, 2012, it was a great evening but only 9 bikes arrived at Barnes for the run (two with better half’s. Ifan had a ride in my pocket in case no one else had one and sure enough no one did. The ride was called to order and 7pm we attempted to start. Ifan in the lead with Jerry as second with the radio to keep in touch with Tom the sweep. Slight delay whilst Tom showed Jerry how to operate the radio then we were off. The route took us on some very windy roads and indirect roads which seemed to bear no similarity on where we were attempting to go. First leg took us towards Fort Langley followed by a series of roads alternating North and forever Southwards as we headed East. Eventually arriving to the West and North of Abbotsford Airport. From here we headed directly East followed by a series of windy roads to take us round the East side and top of Abbotsford. From here a series of roads heading West and North took us to 88 and River Rd where we headed into Fort Langley and the Fort Pub and Grill for grittles and libations. Of the 9 bikes that started only 4 arrived at the pub. Not sure if the ‘deserters’ were upset with my driving or route but I suspect that it was because we passed within spitting distance of their houses so they peeled off to go home. Editor’s note: The new record was set for losing riders.

On July 18th, 2012, another pleasant (and not too pleasant) Wednesday evening ride is in the books. We’re calling this one the “Wedding Bells and Country Smells” ride. The route took us past a couple of sites near and dear to a couple of ride participants (pleasant), and a few farms with the telltale odours that accompany them (not too pleasant). Five bikes turned out this dry and mild evening, the ride being led by me and swept by Rick J. Tom J. also assisted with communications to round out RC participation. The route will be familiar to many who have followed me on other Wednesdays, as I stayed close to the tried and tested.

We headed west on 88 from Barnes and past the Port Kells church, where Kathi and I tied the knot 25 years ago (unfortunately the original church was lost to a fire recently). Heading south on 176, then King George Blvd., as we crossed the Nicomekyl River, Tom J. pointed out the Cargill Manor where he and Nancy got hitched. The ride followed along KGB to 8th Ave, then east to 200th. We made a detour into High Point Estates to dream about the mansion we could be living in if we won the lottery. From there we went further east, crossing 264 at 0 Avenue, then north via Lefeuvre, Huntington and Bradner Rds to 58 the Ave. Straight west on 58th (56) brought us to our final destination at the Rendezvous Pub where we kicked a… in the trivia contest (at least I think we did, as I left before the results were in [second place]. We certainly answered correctly the question about what famous transportation company started up in 1903.

The Chapter’s next organized ride is Andrew P.’s Leavenworth ride on Saturday and Sunday, July 21/22. If you are still interested in going and haven’t signed up, email Andrew ( to see if you can join up.

Next Wednesday, July 25th, I am looking for a Road Captain to step up and plan a ride…any takers?

Thanks, Greg H., for taking the “Saturday-after-the-meeting” ride on July 28.

Some time after summer holidays (late August/early September), I will be organizing a Road Captain’s meeting and review ride, to discuss how rides will be assigned next year and to give some of you an opportunity to practice some skills. The Road Captain Guidelines should be available for distribution at that time. If we continue to have 15 chapter members wishing to perform road captain duties, each RC will be responsible to plan and lead at least two rides through the season, Wednesday evening or a Saturday meeting ride. All RC’s will be credited for leading any ride they organize on any other occasion as well (ie; a weekender, overnighter, or day ride on any Saturday or Sunday). “Many hands make light work” – John Heywood.

On July 11, 2012 We had both a fantastic evening for weather and a very pleasurable journey through some of the best riding roads in the Whatcom/Nooksak area just south of the line. Open up Google maps and follow along.

Larry L. put together a a great ride that took us south from Sumas along Route 547 up some winding hills and roads to eastbound South Pass Rd. As we made a sharp corner to head south along Silver Lake Rd., we actually passed within a hundred metres of the Canada/US Border and directly south of Yarrow (I did not know that until I looked at a map tonite). We passed Silver Lake, which you can just catch a glimpse of to the east, and arrived in Maple Falls on the Mt. Baker Hwy, to continue our ride west. Mt. Baker Hwy makes a sharp turn south at Kendall and we continued on to southbound Route 9 (my favourite stretch of hwy south of the border – so far). After encountering a “live” train crossing (a great, but missed, photo op with two rows of bikes lined up at the crossing) at the “Everybody’s Store” (if you’ve been by there you will know of what I speak), we continued south to Acme (no, they don’t specialize in anvils). There, we headed east on Mosquito Lake Rd.

Larry had rightfully cautioned the group that this stretch of road was single file most of the way and we were well prepared for the 360 degree curves that had us coming around to practically meet ourselves. Throw in a one lane bridge over a fast flowing river and a few different views of Mt. Baker and the sights were very memorable…but we weren’t done. The end of Mosquito Lake Rd. brought us back to Mt. Baker Hwy, where we travelled that stretch of road in the opposite direction (which provided alternate views of sites we had seen southbound). After a leg stretch in Kendall, we continued north on Route 547 (Kendall Rd) to South Pass Rd again, where we turned west this time and headed off towards Everson and Linden. We broke through the hills and forests to farm land in time to catch the glowing red rays of the setting sun and managed to avoid waking “conservative” Linden as 15 Harleys rumbled through their sleepy hollow (gotta love the Dutch, but maybe I’m biased). We said good-bye to three bikes as we turned north to the border, and in spite of a 20 minute lineup at Aldergrove crossing, managed to make it to the Aldergrove White Spot in time for last call for food (actually we have Larry to thank for that for making a couple of calls to keep them open until we got there). Such are the duties of a good Road Captain.

The evening was well planned with several of us arriving early at Bob’s Burgers in Sumas for dinner. To Larry’s pleasant surprise, 15 bikes showed up for the ride, with 5 carrying “better halfs”. Nice to see Ron Johnson join in, and George Douglas brought a guest from Seattle who was holidaying near him in Birch Bay .

Larry was the Lead Road Captain, and I provided sweep duties. Other road captains dispersed throughout the ride and providing additional communications assistance were Tom J., Brian R., and Harvey A. RC Prospect, Mark L. rode adjacent to me in the sweep position to allow him to observe those responsibilities. Mark has now completed the understudy requirements for Road Captain duties as lead and sweep and can try his hand at both those positions any time he feels he is ready.

Other stuff

Larry’s Skagit River Ride on Sunday has attracted a lot of attention. With upwards of 25 bikes participating, strategically placed assistant road captains for communications and sweeps will help. Leaving the Blaine H St., Chevron at 8:30 and/or the Linden McDonalds at 9:00 a.m.

That’s it, for now.

On July 4th, 2012, we had an interesting ride this evening, led by Tom James. He took us on what we will call the “realtor’s tour ride” of Coquitlam, Port Moody and Belcarra. We followed a winding route west from Coast Meridian in PoCo on to Forest Parkway, Aspenwood Dr (nice houses), East Rd., Sunnyside and Bedwell Bay Rd., down in to a park at the end of the road by the Burrard inlet. After a quick leg stretch at the park to feed the mosquitoes, we headed out Ioco Rd., to the Frog and Nightgown Pub. Samier was the sweep, with ample help throughout the group from me, Larry L., Brian R., Harvey A., and Greg H. Sixteen bikes with 5 carrying better halfs. Nice ride, Tom…thanks. We may be able to attribute the higher number of participants to the later start, but more likely it was the beautiful evening.

June 20th, 2012 Very good turnout for last night’s ride, with 13 bikes total and 5 carrying couples. Really nice to Stan G. out for a ride. I led the ride, kind of a reverse of last weeks, heading Crescent Rd, Marine Dr., south Surrey, 0 Ave, east to Lefeuvre Rd., Huntington Rd., Bradner Rd., west on 56 to 232 and north through Ft. Langley to our final destination, the Baron’s Manor Pub on 192 at 96. Thanks to Ron Todd for leading us in from some side streets to avoid a nasty hard right across a median to get in. Harvey was sweeper and other RC’s dispersed throughout included Gary J, Ifan W., and Tom J., who also provided some well timed communications.

Although the ride gave us some beautiful scenery (Mt. Baker, the bay at White Rock and some great views of gravel pits – yes, Tom), that 30 km/hr trek along Marine Drive is brutal. Everyone was very kind in overlooking that part of the ride to comment how nice the evening was. I especially enjoy the curves/hills available to us along Crescent Rd., 8th Ave @ 19000, along Bradner Rd just north of Huntington, on 58/56 Ave, and at the north end of 232 at Rawlison. Wish there was more of that.

One of our prospects, Mark L. came out and performed the role of observing the lead position. I’m sure he can take over any time he wishes.

Next ride is Greg’s Saturday ride to Princeton to meet with Mt. Baker Chapter, and Gary is advertising a Sunday ride along the Sea to Sky hwy. Both of these endeavours will require assistance from RC’s. Come on out.

The next Wednesday ride is June 27th, when we will be visited by the Vancouver Chapter. Greg H. has offered to lead this ride. He can use some assistance in the middle and sweeping with perhaps a larger than usual group. Please come out and help.

June 13th, 2012 – Had a great 2 hr ride tonight, 200 to 96 Ave to Glover to Rawlinson to 56 to Bradner to Huntington, to Campbell Valley Park, through White Rock, to Crescent Beach Rd, and ended up at TH 152 & #10 to have chili for a warm-up. No rain, and we even had a few rays of sun peek through. Thanks, Samier, for being the sweep. Even though the group was small, the quality was top notch.

Including the RC’s review ride, the Director’s ride and the ride after the last GM, we’ve had 10 occasions to ride together already and it’s not even mid-June (of the course the weather makes it still feel like April). RC’s and prospects are invited to prepare a few rides for upcoming Wednesday and Saturday opportunities through the summer. The rides don’t have to be complicated (as indicated by the above route). As the sun is setting later these days (at least when you can see it beyond the clouds), I will be proposing to the executive that we move the start time for Wednesday rides to 7:00 p.m. Hopefully the extra half hour will make it easier for RC’S and all chapter members to attend.

I am soliciting interested RC’s for next Wednesday’s ride (June 20). Negative replies not required, however I would like a few positive replies. I do understand that some of you are unable to come out during the week and hope you can jump in with a Saturday ride.

This is also a heads up that I will be looking for a road captain and assistants to prepare the Saturday ride for the July 28 meeting. As my son is getting married the next day, I suspect I will be otherwise “engaged” that day.

That’s it for this week’s report.

June 6th, 2012 Had a great ride tonight, led by our club president (Director Gary James), and swept by me. We had 7 bikes, three with couples, and stayed close to the ocean, heading out to Tsawassen and in to Ladner for coffee and pie at Speed’s Neighbourhood Pub. Yes, it rained a little, but we didn’t have to stop to gear up, persevered and found dry pavement to continue on our way. The way I figure it, if I don’t ride every time it threatens to rain, I’ll never ride.