Hurricane Ridge Ride July 2011

WHAT A BLAST!!!  Everything from the dreaded and unwanted alarm clock buzzing in our ears at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to our good-bye’s when our group parted ways at our last lunch stop in La Conner on Monday afternoon.  Our ride started with a full belly leaving Denny’s Restaurant in Bellingham at 8:55 a.m. and continued through the windy and picturesque Chuckanut Drive, through breathtaking Deception Pass to Coupeville to jump on the ferry to Port Townsend.  On the way, Mark and Beata had to turn around to Denny’s as their ferry reservations and boarding passes jumped out of their hands and stayed behind at the restaurant.  The ferry was scheduled to depart at 11:15 a.m.  Our group arrived at the terminal at 11:10 a.m. to find Mark and Beata there.  Great timing!!! Already an eventful morning.  As we depart the ferry in Port Townsend, 13 bikes, one of us stayed behind.  Thanks to the intercom,  we hear that Greg’s bike will not start!!! He had two ferry attendants give him a push off.  We’ll let Greg tell you what you’re suppose to do when you leave your bike in gear and try to turn it on.  Our ride proceeded through curvy roads beside lakes and rivers and creeks to Port Angeles.  We checked into our hotel with the most gracious owners.  How gracious were they?  They gave us a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of water upon arrival and a 24-pack of Pepsi.  Once we checked in, our group of 23 people walked into a restaurant for lunch on the main strip of town and shocked the cooks with our large size.

Next stop – the breath taking views of Hurricane Ridge.  One side of the Ridge was snow covered and the other side, green with a clear view of Juan De Fuca and Vancouver Island.  Wildlife…deers, deers and more deers.  We were definitely invading their privacy.  Deers wondering through the parking lot, approaching tourists, and laying in the grass.  Our ride for the first day was complete once we hit the liquor store.  Tonight we celebrated 2 very special occasions with a few bottles of champagne and good friends:  Tom and Nancy James’ 1st year Anniversary and Ron and Lorri Johnson’s marriage.  Yes, that’s right, their marriage.  What other HOG ride provides champagne and chocolates and Viagra and aspirin for all to partake? Sunday morning started off well – Mark forgot the camera in their hotel room – at least we were still in the parking lot! Sunday morning took us on a ride of 400 kilometres through rainforests,  Pacific Ocean views, to a little restaurant called J.J.’s in Amanda Park, a Native Indian Reservation.  We pull up to the restaurant and seriously wonder if we should stop.  It literally is a tiny little run down restaurant in the middle of no-where, but it had excellent food, comical service with a touch of flair. The restaurant consisted of 25 seats (there were 23 of us), one owner, one cook, and one server called Will.  It’s just Will – no last name, no middle name, just Will.  Oh yes, Will served us our beverages with a smoke in his mouth – this is where comedy kicks in.  The bathroom- around the corner, outside, under the Canope.  Literally – Can o pee. Thumbs up to the staff who worked hard to get us in and out in 1 ½ hours.

What gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Ocean waves pounding along the Olympic Peninsula.  We stopped a few times to take in the scenery.  Off to Bremerton we ride through more curvy roads alongside lakes and little towns.  Next stop?  Yup – Liquor store.  Our hotel was gracious enough to provide us with a conference room for all of us to meet in and socialize – Free of charge!!!  We had a few drink, went to dinner, and came back for more drinks and closed the room down at 11:00 p.m.  We held a few AA meeting this evening.

Our last day, Monday, we rode back through the Hood Canal Bridge back to Port Townsend for our 12 noon ferry ride.  Of course, we were on time for the ferry ride – 1 hour early – and we hopped on the early ferry.  On our final stretch home, many people had 1 common craving – STARBUCKS!!! You don’t realize how many there are until you pass them, one by one and don’t stop.  Poor Larry, Kathi and Nancy.  Last stop – La Conner for lunch.  After our good-bye hugs, we proceeded through the little town of Eddison through Chuckanut Drive to Bellingham.  There are so many stories and laughs that each one of us could share with everyone, but I just don’t have enough space to write it all.

If you want to know, ask Gerry why he had so many quarters in his pocket and how Samier lost those quarters.  Ask Larry what he had for lunch at J.J.’s restaurant.

What an amazing group we rode with!!! What an amazing group of friends Brent and I have made.  Thanks for the memories everyone:  Larry, Corrine, Tom, Nancy, Terry, Kathi, Gerry, Greg, Brian, Bev, Ron, Lorri, Mark, Beata, Andy, Angie, Chris, Bonnie, Peter, Janice, Samier, and of course Brent.  This was what Langley HOG is all about – Riding and having fun!!! Oh yes, thank goodness for intercoms – they are a beauty.    One last thanks for the amazing ride idea:  Doug and Marilyn – thank you for your idea of the ride to Hurricane Ridge.  The scenery was breath taking!

Brent and Elsa