2012 Riding Events

The following are story submission with photographs from our Chapter members.

Skagit Valley Ride 2012 – Terry V. Photos by Terry and Kathi V, Nancy J.

In spite of the threat of nasty weather, 7 bikes (and 1 car) [editor’s note: The Road Captain showed up in a car] showed up at the designated rendezvous points for Larry’s Skajit River Ride. I’ve got to start reading the entire weather forecast and check the expected accumulation instead of the POP. Turns out the accumulation was less than 1mm, which meant even if you get rained on, it was going to be pretty minimal…and it was. Aside from a few sprinkles heading south along Hwy 9 from Sedro Woolley to Arlington, the roads (and weather) remained relatively dry with the sun even peaking through as we approached our destination. And the supposed lightning strikes! Nada…someone got it wrong. I remained dry because I was the one in the car (damn it). Larry led the ride along the designated route from Arlington to Derrington, then north along Route 530 until we hit Concrete Sauk Valley Rd., which paralleled the river on the west side. This road wound through a forest of multi-shades of green, with long wisips of moss hanging from branches and within arms length of the motorcycles. Larry stopped the ride as we emerged at Route 20 for a quick leg stretch before the short jaunt back through Sedro Woolley and Burlington, where we arrived at our planned lunch destination, the Keg Pub across from Costco.

Tom J. was the sweep, assisted by Bob K., who broke off from the ride in Derrington for an alternate and quicker return route. Our fuel stop in Derrington gave us an opportunity to meet “Bruce” and his owners, who obviously put a lot of rough miles on their bikes. Bruce, a full-sized Bull Mastiff, was quite comfortable in his side-car, but apparently always made it clear that “Mom” had to ride behind his sidecar.

Our group all went on the their own times back to the border. I’m glad I made the trip, even in the car, as I now have another nice ride to add to my list of favourite places to go. [Editor: During our lunch break in Burlington, the cold winds picked up and the clouds took the heat away. Nancy hand Larry bundled up to take the chill off. Even during the summer you might need your electric vest.]

Yakima Trip 2012 Submitted by Greg Huot and Photographs by Andrew Popov

It’s May Long Weekend which only means one thing, our Sister Chapter in Yakima is having their annual HOG Roast. Now in spite of the name no pigs were injured in the preparation of the BBQ, but I can’t say the same for any cows but first we had to get there.

The week before I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it but as the days drew near I was feeling better so at 7:00 am Saturday morning Andrew and I were crossing the border to have breakfast at Big Al’s and to meet up with Ron and Lori before we headed off. As we pulled into the parking lot Holly came out to greet us. She was there with David, Brian and Linda, and Bob and Penny. They were heading south but hoping to swing around and meet up with us in Yakima.

So the four of us headed out on this beautiful day. Our scheduled lunch stop was going to be Leavenworth but with gas and coffee stops as well as picture taking for the ABC Touring challenge that I am doing this year we ended up in Cole’s Corner which is 20 minutes west of Leavenworth at this amazing place called 59’er Diner. The staff were energetic to say the least and the atmosphere was very lively. If you go there make sure you ask for Flo to be your waitress (that’s an inside joke that you’ll get when you visit there). Their claim to fame is how many Milkshakes they sell, the number which is displayed on the wall on paper Milkshake glasses. In 1994 they sold 5,022 with a steady increase and in 2010 they sold 35,120. For a thirty plus seat diner, that’s pretty amazing. So after finishing off their tasty hamburger and getting a picture with the waitresses we hit the road to our first night stay in Wenatchee. Of course we had to stop at Legend HD for a picture and to buy a t-shirt because you can’t have too many t-shirts.

Day two, Ron and Lori had to head back so he could be at work on Monday, so Andrew and I carried on to Yakima. Fortunately the rain was light so we were able to get to the BBQ without having to put the rain gear on. There was plenty of food for everyone and it was nice to see our old friends again and catch up with what’s happening with them.

Afterwards I needed the letter T so we headed south to Toppenish and stopped in front of the Police Station to get the pic. As we were parking where we weren’t suppose to be 2 Officers came out to see what we were doing but once we explained what was going on they were very accommodating and to top it all off the town of Zilla was only 5 minutes away so I even got a Z which I thought would never happen. If you’re not sure what the ABC’s of Touring is, check it out on hog.com.

On Monday we headed for home which started out in dry weather but after a bowl of soup at the 59’er Diner we had to gear up for the rest of the ride home. At the Peak of Steven’s Pass the rain was hitting us pretty hard and with the colder temperature I was lucky to be able to see the taillights in front of me through my fogged up visor. As we descended down things cleared up and then I only had to worry about my boots being soaking wet, but as we got closer to Canada the rain eased up and my boots dried up within 2 days.

In spite of the rain, I’m looking forward to another adventure next year.

Summer Sizzle 2012

Check out the newsletter for more stories, but here are some of the highlights. The Summer Sizzle started with registration night and a casino night at Barnes.  Black Jacket tables were used for fun and to raise tickets for the different draws.  The next morning, the rain fell, but the pancake breakfast was very good. The ride was great as we ventured into the Fraser Valley to explore the sights.  The questions of the A&W bears remains, a bear in a picture of a picture is still a bear right? The dinner and dance capped off the nights with prizes and silent auction items up for bids. The morning after included the breakfast at the hotel.  A great time and all for a great cause – Juvenile Diabetes.