2018 Chapter Officers

The Langley H.O.G.® Chapter is managed by the primary Officers. They consist of  the Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer and Secretary. The Primary Officers are required by the National H.O.G.® organization, in addition they can form secondary positions , such as Activities, Membership, Ladies of Harley, etc.  Committees  within these positions can be added to help in the organization of special activities and functions. Volunteers for all of these Chapter positions, committees and  functions are encouraged.   Remember it is your chapter so please do help us make  it  amazing.

Retailer – Barnes Harley-Davidson Contact:

Director – Greg “Spooner” Huot Contact:

Assistant Director -Greg “Silky” Tunner Contact:

Secretary – Gerry “Rattler” Gerrits Contact:

Treasurer – Samier “Merchant” Bhagat Contact:

Ladies Of Harley –  Lorraine “Lolo” Peet  Contact:

Road Captain – Brent “Sniper” Lockhart  Contact:

Activities Officer – Tara “Lady Bird” Kye Maines Contact:

Membership – Bruce “Mr. DA” Peet Contact:

HOG Store – Samier “Merchant” Bhagat Contact:

Public Relations Director – Samier “Merchant” Bhagat Contact:

Photographer – Lorraine “Lolo” Peet  Contact:

Safety Officer – Peter “JD” Chutskoff Contact: