Mileage Program

Langley H.O.G. ® Chapter Mileage Program

Goal – To encourage all Chapter members to participate in an activity that we all like to do, Ride Our Motorcycles.

Duration of Contest – Each year the Mileage Program will begin at the April General Meeting and run until the start of the October General Meeting.

Reward – The qualified participant who accumulates the most mileage during the duration of the contest shall be awarded

  • Cash in the amount of $125.00.
  • A Trophy with their name and mileage on it.

Other prizes will be awarded as follows…

  • Second highest mileage wins $100
  • All others will be entered into a draw and two names will be drawn, each winning $75. Out of the two names drawn, the one with the higher mileage will be awarded 3rd place and the other will be awarded 4th place.

They may enter in subsequent years but the first place finisher may not collect another prize for a period of 2 years.

To Qualify:

  • Registration commences on the first day of the contest and must be submitted on the official registration sheet.
  • The odometer reading must be verified by a member of the Langley Chapter Executive, or if none are available, an employee of Barnes H.D.
  • The odometer reading submitted must be the actual mileage on the day of registration. Where a photo is being submitted for proof of mileage the photo must be taken on the day the registration is being submitted.
  • If a participant changes bikes during the duration of the contest a copy of the Bill Of Sale showing the ending mileage of the registered bike and starting mileage of the new bike must be submitted to the Program Administrator no later than the last day of the contest. Or, complete the original registration sheet and start another one for the new bike. Submit the completed and new registration forms to the Program Administrator at your earliest convenience.

All ending mileage registration forms are due no later than the last day of the contest and all mileage whether taken directly from the odometer or from a photo must be verified by a member of the Langley Chapter Executive or if none are available an employee of Barnes H.D.

To qualify to be entered into the contest an official registration form must be submitted at the beginning of the contest and at the end and meet all of the registration requirements.

Mileage from a Rented or Loaner bike is acceptable as long as it has the participants name as principle operator on the form along with the start and end mileage. A copy of the Rental or Loaner agreement must be submitted no later than the last day of the current contest.

Mileage accumulated on loaner bikes for outriders on Demo Days is not eligible.

For a print copy of the program click here.

For the Copy of the Official Registration Form Click here