Mentor Program

New Members welcome to our chapter, we are glad you have chosen to join us and we pledge to make your riding experience a memorable one. My name is Samier Bhagat and I am the Public Relations Officer for the chapter and am coordinating the Mentor Program which was started last year to help new members integrate into our chapter and enjoy all our events through out the year. This is a “FRIEND” Program that many of our more seasoned members have volunteered their time to be a friend to our new members and be their contact and Buddy. I would like to encourage all new members to take advantage of this wonderful program. To date this program has helped a lot of new members feel comfortable and integrate into our chapter. Please take the time to contact me at or call me at 604 657 7570 and I will arrange for one of our volunteer’s to be your new “FRIEND”.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting all our new members. Come be a part of our exciting chapter and enhance your riding experience.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my volunteer Mentors for their time and efforts in making Langley Chapter of HOG® a better club for our new members.                                                           Samier