Membership Info

Membership Information

Come join the fun, membership in the Langley HOG® Chapter is so worth it. This is where the fun begins, there are great rides, barbecues, dinners, bowling events, meetings, and a lot of  great stories to be told .

Membership in our local chapter starts with your International membership. If you are not a member of the International  HOG® then lets get you started. This link will take you to the HOG ® Canada Membership site where you can get all the information you need and the ability to get your membership going quickly. The benefits from your International Membership start with a Manual to answer questions you may have about HOG®, then of course you get the HOG®  Magazine, the members only site and a Touring Handbook that is a great tool when traveling on those extended rides.

Just one thing to remember is that if your International membership should lapse so does your local membership. So please do keep that membership current. Once you have signed up for your International Membership you then get to join our group. You can down load the Langley HOG® Membership Form and send it in to:  Barnes Harley-Davidson® or you can bring it to our next meeting and hand it in to our membership officer yourself. That way you get to meet some of our members right away and have a coffee with a great group of riders like yourself.

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Once you have joined then we also have a new member mentor program so check it out.