Ladies Of Harley

What Is “LOH” ?

LOH is a group of female Harley enthusiasts promoting riding activities and adventures from within a local HOG® chapter. The members of LOH run their own meetings and sponsor activities that both ladies and men can participate in.

 Who is “LOH” ?

LOH is any lady that belongs to HOG® and has full, lifetime or associate membership and wishes to participate in the female forum. The members can be either a rider or passenger as long as they are willing to participate a little or lot. You don’t have to ride your own bike to be a LOH member.

Why “LOH” ?

LOH promotes participation by ladies in the world of Haley Davidson. Sometimes sports activities can become dominated by men. Since HOG® is all about having family fun, the auxiliary group LOH was formed to provide an avenue for the ladies. This is not a separate organization with HOG®, but was established to encourage women to become more active in HOG® and their local chapters.

How to Join “LOH” ?

If you are not already a National HOG member contact 1-800-668-4836 or go to HOG® Canada  web site and click on Join Now. The LOH does not cost you anything extra from your membership with HOG®.

We at Langley HOG Chapter invite all female members of HOG to become active members in the Ladies of Harley. For more information please contact Theresa @ Contact:

What is a Sponsored Event ?

These are LOH sponsored events, rides, night out etc. These events are planned for ladies by ladies and led by ladies, with ladies activities in mind. Men are welcome to participate if they choose.

LOH events are ladies specific if possible, but not absolute. Please join us in planning a great future as a member of the Ladies of Harley Langley Chapter.