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Harrison Ride was moved to Sunday, April 14, because of weather on Saturday, April 13, – Terry van Seters Road Captain

Attended by Terry & Kathi van Seters, Ron Todd & Lorraine, Greg & Karla Fortin, Andrew and Irina Popov, Mark Latkowski, Mike Dougherty, Greg Tunner, Ken McLellan

Lunch at Old Settlers Pub, Harrison

Great first ride of the season…a little cool, and saw a touch of rain, not enough to dampen our spirits. We ran the Summer Sizzle route backwards, ending at JD Farms for coffee.

Anonymous Story

What a Brilliant Weekend – Lets Ride

The forecast for the long weekend promised to be a good one but who would have thought it would be that good.

Panic sits in on Wednesday – the bike needs cleaning, where is the riding gear? Thursday comes and the bike is cleaned – but no polish, still need my boots, can’t ride without my boots. Friday finally polished the bike, tires checked, cables checked, bags on (not the wife yet – it is only Friday and even though she is rearing to go even she will not sit on the bike all Friday night waiting for Saturday). Lights check out OK, brakes work, fluids all good, windshield on and clean, electric gear attached and working. By 10pm everything was checked out and gear prepared and of course the bike was shining. One last beer (or was that two) and then bed.

Up at the crack of sparrows fart, window flung open (must apologize to the landlady as I am sure I can glue it back together) to check on the weather and there it was, I could see it, it was obvious even a none biker could see it – yes you guessed it – a shadow on the ground, there was sun – lets ride.

Breakfast consisted of two cups of coffee and two yogourts and of course a quick play with pussy (we have two – a black and white one who is quite the mischievous and a calico). Breakfast done with it was time to don the riding gear (hope I can remember how this is done) and into the garage. Final touches to the bike (had to take the seat off again to attach the piece of string that kept the furry thing on). Then I heard it, it was quiet at first but unmistakable, it grew in volume, I opened the garage door to better hear it – and then there it was, turning the corner and coming up the street – another Harley, what a beautiful sound (not as nice as mine though) and I hope it woke all the neighbours – shouldn’t be in bed at this time of the day any way.

Final last minute bits completed and then it was my turn to annoy the neighbours – main switch on, ignition on, hit the button and the beast roared  into life, couple of quick twists of the wrist (in case we missed any of the sleeping beauties), first gear, nod to my buddy and then – stop (forgot to close the garage door) hop off the bike, hit the button, back on the bike, first gear and then we were off.

First stop Langley where we picked up the final member of the party (the three musketeers on bikes – minus swords and fancy dress of course – and we don’t speak French either). Once we were all aboard (figuratively speaking of course as you don’t really go on board a bike – not unless you have floor board of course – now that opens another interesting topic, how did they get that name?). Off we go again.

Now I haven’t told you yet where we intended to go, if the truth be known until now we didn’t know either – it’s always that way with bikers. You don’t need a destination just an insane desire to get there. We never make a wrong turn – we just vary the route according to the frame of mind at that point in time. Not sure if we should analyze why this happens as I am sure a logical sane answer would be hard to find. Meanwhile back to the ride.

So off we set, our destination finally decided – we would eventually arrive back at where we started!!!!  However, we were going to take a long time doing it and would refrain from going the direct route for most of the day. Cruising out of Langley (I am well suited to Cruzin as people say that with the right light, clothing and posture I could be mistaken very easily for Tom Cruise) we headed east hugging the water (not literally for those that think otherwise) and then zigg zagging down to Harris road – have you noticed how none of us take the direct route anywhere? At the end of Harris road we then hung a left to cross the Mission Bridge over to Mission of course (Mission, the core of which was formerly known as Mission City, is a district municipality in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is situated on the north bank of the Fraser River overlooking the City of Abbotsford and with that city is part of the Central Fraser Valley.

Mission is the 23rd largest municipality in British Columbia, with a population of 34,505 (2006). Mission was incorporated in 1892 and is 225.78 km2 (87.17 sq mi) in size. In 1922 the District of Mission was partitioned by the creation of the Village of Mission, which later became the Village of Mission City, then the Town of Mission City, until amalgamated with the District by plebiscite in 1969 – thank you Wikepedia).

Once over the bridge we continued to head East along Loughead (what a boring stretch of road I swear I nodded off twice before we got to where we were going). Finally a lunch stop in Harrison at the Old Settlers pub. The weather being so nice we stayed out on the deck where the serving wench made haste with much mead and vitals (coke and sandwich really but I like saying serving wench).

Anyway by the time lunch was finished we could tell the Hogs were getting restless and needed to be mounted again (for those of you who are reading into this the wrong thing – don’t). So, gathering up our leathers, gauntlets, helmets, shields, swords, chain mail and battle axes we headed over to pacify our steads and to ensure them that we would be on our way real soon.

So, switches on, ignition and bang – three H-Ds roared into life (mine is still loudest). First gear and off once again – bikes chomping at the bit (not really but it sounds good) music blaring – mission impossible theme – appropriate really seeing as where we had been and my uncanny resemblance to Tom Cruise.

This leg of the journey took us through Agassizz and then over the bridge where we took a tight turn right and headed through Rosedale. Again that Zig Zagging that us bikes can’t seem to get enough of to end up at Cultus Lake for a short stop. I wonder why it is called a Leg of the journey? (another discussion for later – if I can find him). Another short stop. Weather is now fabulous, sun is shining, the birds are singing – I thought they could only chirp. Oh what a great day to be riding – it is at this point that I suddenly remember that I had forgotten the wife – hope she isn’t mad.

Theresa’s Word February 2013

Now that I am the Ladies Of Harley® officer I thought I should tell you a little about how I came to ride. I am now entering my 4th year as a rider. I spent 4 years as a backseat rider and always wanted to have my own bike but I was terrified! I didn’t know how to drive a standard or a pedal bike and never thought that I would be able to do it. I bit the bullet and took a riding course and they were very good to me and I figured if I took the course and I didn’t like it I wouldn’t go any further but at least I would have tried and faced my fear.

The first time I sat on the little 250 I thought it was huge, and the fact that neutral was in between 1st and 2nd made no sense to me at all! All the years of being on the backseat I never paid attention to what Dwight was doing with the shifting and so forth, I was much too busy checking out the scenery and taking pictures. So my instructor had to take me around the parking lot on the back of her bike just so I could watch how she was shifting. That morning I learned how to walk like a duck on my bike, by the afternoon I was riding in and out of pylons. The following day I was able to pass my skills test and day #3 I was able to ride the 650 and then the 1100. When it was time to go for my license I was so nervous but I made it through without any demerits…Phew!

I keep up the parking lot practice every spring and will this year as well, starting in March I practice with pylons in the back parking lot of the Langley Events Center, everyone is welcome to join me….practice keeps the skills sharp. The first summer of riding I put on 16000 kms and it was intense. Riding my own bike is the best thing I could have ever done for myself…the freedom, the stress release, the air, the scenery….everything is different on a bike. If you have been thinking about it and you’re just not sure, consider taking a course at least then you will know if it’s something you really want or not. Don’t let fear control you, I didn’t and here I am! So ladies if it’s something you’ve been thinking about why not give it a try, it just might be one of the best things you’ve ever done. I look forward to planning some rides starting in April for us ladies (and men if they wear pink & lipstick). If you have suggestions for different routes or would like to lead and plan a road trip let’s do it. I’m open to suggestions and ideas to make this as much fun as possible. All ladies are welcome on these rides, whether you ride, drive or as a passenger. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROARRRRRRRR!
“Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.”

Image of Theresa

Theresa LOH Officer